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By The Town Centre Manager

The articles on this page are to inform and promote Dunstable. They are my thoughts and information I have gathered over the weeks. I hope you find them informative and shows how positive our High street is.

Our Articles

  • Dunstable Live 2024 line up poster

    Celebrate International Music Day in Dunstable

    We love our live music in Dunstable and this June we will be celebrating the rhythm of Soul and Motown at Dunstable Live on International Music Day. Join us [...]

    18th June, 2024

  • New Businesses in Dunstable

    Dunstable high street is continually changing for the better. The town vacant count is reducing as we welcome new businesses into the town each month. I would like to [...]

    1st June, 2024

  • High Street South

    Have you noticed the stickers on the shop windows along High Street South? These have been created by the Dunstable Cultural Consortium, in collaboration with Dunstable Local History Society [...]

    26th March, 2024

  • High Street North

    High Street North runs through the centre of Dunstable and has many interesting and listed buildings. Journey through the middle of town and look at the fantastic heritage we [...]

    12th March, 2024

  • The Quadrant

    The Quadrant

    The Quadrant in Dunstable opened in 1966 and serves as a central shopping destination free from flowing traffic. As of today, the Quadrant has 42 shops, ranging from high street [...]

    26th February, 2024

  • Church Street and West Street

    Heading East and West from the main crossroad is Church Street and West Street. Both roads are steeped in history and are home to local independent shops and businesses. [...]

    9th February, 2024

  • Eleanor’s Cross

    The Eleanor's Cross in Dunstable gets its name in reference to a historical monument that was once part of a series of memorial crosses built in memory of Queen [...]

    26th January, 2024

  • Ashton Square and Middle Row

    Nestled in the heart of Dunstable, Ashton Square is a hub for local independent shops and businesses. Visitors and locals can explore a treasure trove of handcrafted goods, unique [...]

    13th January, 2024

  • Unlock the Secrets of Dunstable’s Past with Talking Plaques

    Have you seen the stickers on the shop windows along the High Street?  Have you wondered what they are? Let me explain this fantastic idea and how it works. [...]

    30th May, 2023