Who We Are

Dunstable is the oldest charter town in Bedfordshire and is currently home to approximately 36,000 residents, who regularly elect their own Town Council and Central Bedfordshire Council representatives to manage local affairs.

The earliest recorded residents of Dunstable lived on the Downs, on hills that originated at the same time as the Himalayas.

Nowadays the ‘settlement’ nestles between the downs, modern man no longer needing to keep watch for sabre-toothed tigers wandering close to their door! Dunstable is fiercely proud of its rich heritage yet, whilst it may be steeped in history, it is very much a town in the present, working towards a bright future.

Opened in April 2007, The Grove theatre provides Dunstable with a 780-seat purpose built arts and entertainment centre. The development which includes accompanying bars and restaurants overlooking the beautiful re-landscaped Grove House Gardens, provides a striking heart to the cultural identity of the area and a venue for a variety of events.

Priory House Heritage and Tourist Information Centre also offers a full programme of entertainment and exhibitions as well as an insight into Dunstable’s amazing past.