If you are looking for contact details for a particular department, please click on their box below to see the contact details.

Tel: 01582 891426

E-mail: allotments@dunstable.gov.uk

Tel: 01582 891433

E-mail: cpcfc@dunstable.gov.uk

Address: Creasey Park Drive, Dunstable LU6 1BB

Tel: 01582 891428

E-mail: cemetery@dunstable.gov.uk

Address: Dunstable Cemetery, West Street, Dunstable LU6 1PD

2 Monthly Markets

Market Officer: 07803 627544

Email: dunstable.market@dunstable.gov.uk

Tel: 01582 891406

E-mail: lisa.vincent@dunstable.gov.uk

To report anti-social behaviour, graffiti or vandalism on any park or open space:

Tel: 0800 013 0350

33 High Street South

Tel: 01582 891420
Fax: 01582 891425
E-mail: prioryhouse@dunstable.gov.uk

Dunstable Town Council

To get in touch with Dunstable Town Council directly, you can fill out the form below or use the following details to get in touch:

Tel: 01582 513000
Email: info@dunstable.gov.uk

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