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Eleanor’s Cross


Annette Clynes


January 26, 2024


The Eleanor’s Cross in Dunstable gets its name in reference to a historical monument that was once part of a series of memorial crosses built in memory of Queen Eleanor of Castile, the beloved wife of King Edward I of England. Queen Eleanor passed away in 1290, and to commemorate her, King Edward ordered the construction of twelve stone crosses, marking the places where her funeral procession stopped on its way from Lincoln to Westminster Abbey. The Dunstable cross was one of the original twelve Eleanor Crosses. Unfortunately, like many others, it no longer stands today.

The shopping precinct just off of High Street North, Dunstable, is named after Queen Eleanor and contains a modern statue of the queen in the centre of this hidden shopping area. This specialist shopping area with its independent shops is a gem for those unique services and items.

Among the standout businesses in Eleanor’s Cross is Cakes by Claire Kelly, a delightful participant in our annual Town Centre Christmas shop window competition. Shop Mobility offers an extensive range of mobility products for both sale and hire. For the little ones, Mini Mania is dedicated to providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for children’s haircuts. Meanwhile, Beauty@ and HN Nails cater to your beauty needs, with HN Nails proudly earning recognition at the Nail Industry Awards as a new business in Dunstable.

Even our four-legged friends aren’t forgotten, as Bespoke Dog Grooming in Eleanor’s Cross pampers them with care. The next time you stroll along High Street North, veer into the alleyway next to Subway to discover these wonderful independent shops and businesses. Convenient parking is available at Matthew Street, Dunstable LU6 1SD.

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