Located on West Street is the newly-refurbished ‘Dunstable What’s On’ window!

The window and screen are managed by Dunstable Town Council, and was made possible by a grant from the Central Bedfordshire Council Ward Councillor Grant Scheme!

The content on the screen is updated on the first Monday of every month, and is managed by the Town Centre Manager and the Corporate Marketing & Communications Officer. Local organisations and community groups are more than welcome to get in touch about having their content displayed on the screen. Please read the guidance document below before submitting your content.

‘What’s On’ Window contacts

Annette Clynes
Town Centre Manager



Currently in the window…

How to get your content in the window

  1. Read the guidance document on this page to find out what format you need to create your content in.
  2. Create your content. This can be a video, a graphic or a photo! Please note that long videos requiring audio will not be added to the screen.
  3. Send your content to one of the contacts below with how long you’d like it displayed in the screen for (minimum 1 calendar month)
  4. Submission must be 9:16 aspect ratio, no bigger than 1920 x 1080 px

Best Practices

  1. The window is updated once a month, at the beginning of the month. Therefore, if you have an event very early in the month, then it would be best to request content in the window the month before. For example, if your event is on 4 January, it would be best to advertise this event in December.
  2. While we understand that it may be difficult to make your content the exact dimensions of the window, please make sure that your content is in landscape orientation. We get submissions of A4 posters quite often, and while these look amazing, they are not visible from the road, even when sized up, as the content isn’t filling the space of the screen.