Comprising 5 town councillors (the town mayor, deputy town mayor and chairmen of standing committees) and 5 central Bedfordshire councillors plus such other co-opted non-voting advisors as determined by the committee. This committee reports directly to the council.

The joint committee seeks to achieve the following:

(i) to serve as a partnership forum for all those involved in town wide initiatives; to consult with each other and co-ordinate their activities so as to realise their aspirations for the town.

(ii) to set the broad direction of the partnership, taking into account the needs of the town’s customers, employees, residents, visitors, traders, property owners and developers. This includes devising and updating a recommended joint committee action plan, for approval by the council.

(iii) to inform and advise the relevant committees of the local authority/authorities on all aspects of their responsibilities for the town and its environs.

(iv) to co-ordinate the activities of the various town wide service providers and those responsible for meeting the needs of the town centre.

(v) to undertake and co-ordinate marketing and promotional work for the town.

(vi) to seek funding opportunities for the furtherance of town wide initiatives and determine an annual spend programme for the committee from funds identified by central Bedfordshire council and Dunstable town council.

All members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and there is an opportunity at the start of each agenda for visitors to ask any questions of the committee members. Please contact Dunstable town council with any comments and for further information; 01582 513000