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About Councillor Louise O’Riordan

It is a real honour to be nominated by my peers to be Town Mayor of Dunstable.

Having grown up in a working-class family on a council estate and later being a cared for child, I could not see many prospects for the future. Being a Mayor was definitely not part of my plan.

That is what makes it all the more special and a real privilege to me. I had believed these kinds of opportunities were not available to people like me but anything is possible if we become open to seeing the opportunities around us.

Over the next year, I hope to share the message that filling a Councillor, Mayor or any other kind of public role is in reaching distance for anybody but that having a role or title is not essential to represent or serve within the community. Helping others does not need a title, just kindness and empathy.

Over the next 12 months I will be supporting as many community and voluntary organisations as I can. I will be working for you as you trusted servant; serving all residents, visitors and businesses in Dunstable.

In particular, I want to focus on 2 Dunstable based charities to raise awareness of the contribution they offer to our town as well as showing them gratitude;

Kids in Action
Dunstable Foodbank

Throughout my year in office, I will be organising events which all are welcome to book and attend. I really look forward to serving you and meeting you on this journey.

I look forward to attending local events and activities during my year and meeting as many Dunstable residents as possible.

If you would like to invite the Town Mayor to an event, please contact or call on 01582 891406

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