So, as we move into Autumn, it’s time to reflect on the last few weeks of our Summer and the activities that the Town Council led for our community and the engagements I have attended as Mayor.

A successful summer of activities for our younger residents led by the team at Grove Corner saw hundreds of people come together and enjoy themselves. The activities included Zorb football, Inflatable Day and Seaside Day.

Bennett’s Splash Park has now closed for the summer having had its opening period extended by a further week due to the Indian Summer we have all enjoyed. Again, really pleased to see and hear the positive feedback from those using the park. Well done to the team covering the Splash this year!

I’ve been watching with keen interest the re-development of Kingsbury Recreational Ground, just of Luton Road, and the outcome of a fantastic new play area for our younger generation. An inclusive play selection provides great opportunity for all to come together and enjoy. The Multi Use Games Ares (MUGA) is in construction and will be complete by the end of September too.

Both myself, and the Deputy Mayor, councillor Louise O’Riordan have enjoyed the events we have represented the town at during the last month. I have also been able to continue my promise to take along fellow councillors to events with me to give them opportunity to network and experience the mayoral role and better understand the civic importance and pride that comes with holding the role.

I have held a successful Quiz Night at Creasey Park for my charities with 80 people supporting the event raising close to £1000 on the night.

The next month sees the start of Civic Services for Mayor’s across the county. Supporting one another plays a huge part in the mayoral year and provides opportunities for great collaboration and shared ideas. It’s been pleasing to see how officers of different councils have reached out to Dunstable Town Council for help and advice and working together to identify potential efficiencies.