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Around the World featuring the Dunstable Festival of Archaeology: A Global Celebration


Rachel Connor


August 3, 2023


On Saturday 29 July, Priory Gardens in Dunstable came alive for a celebration of music, dance, arts, culture and traditions.

This multicultural event organised and funded by Dunstable Town Council, celebrated history from prehistoric to present times and cultural diversity. The event also coincided with the Council for British Archaeology’s Festival of Archaeology and the Dunstable High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) which is in its third and final year ending in March 2024.

The event, aimed at promoting cross-cultural understanding and historical appreciation, featured representatives from various community groups, each sharing and showcasing their knowledge and passion for different traditions.

Attendees engaged with archaeology and history through time with interactive exhibits, captivating displays, and immersive experiences. There were spectacular cultural performances with traditional dances, musical performances, and captivating storytelling which transported visitors on a global journey.

Dunstable Town Council would like to express gratitude to the performers, stallholders and facilitators who contributed to the success of this event and a big thank you to the event sponsor, Caremark Central Bedfordshire.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Louise O’Riordan who attended the event said ‘’It was lovely to see so many local organisations and projects, as well as performers depicting cultural traditions from around the world and different times, it was an educational and enlightening day. The rich history that Dunstable holds was encapsulated by local children and adults who painted a long canvas showing the different eras that make our town so interesting. Once again, thanks to all that attended, participated and organised today’s event. The community spirit was wonderful.’’

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