HSHAZ Community Engagement will involve events and activities related to the HSHAZ, heritage, history and culture as part of Dunstable Town Council’s events programme. All of the Community Services Team at Dunstable Town Council are involved with HSHAZ related community engagement until the programme ends at the end of March 2024.

What events and activities would you like to see? We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

If you have any queries or suggestions please do get in touch with Becky Wisbey (Head of Community Services) and Michelle Collings (High Street Heritage Action Zone Programme Manager) via info@Dunstable.gov.uk

All of the Community Services Team at Dunstable Town Council are involved with HSHAZ related community engagement. We have also been working with numerous third parties including (in no particular order):

Bubbling Stove, Primitive Technology UK, Vianova Archaeology (Peter Guest), Albion Archaeology, KDK Archaeology, Longthorpe Legion, Rome Now, The Joker Entertainment, BBB Group Limited, Urban Canvas, Alan Myatt, Peter Leadbeater Chainsaw Sculptor, Black Knight Historical, Historical Interpretation, Historic England, Historical Dunstable, Dunstable Town Guides, Friends of Priory House and Gardens, Dunstable and District Local History Society, The Workhouse, Dunstable Library and Quadrant Shopping Centre, Paul Vitty of the History Knights, HB Archaeology and Conservation Ltd, Legio Secunda Augusta, Kerrie Duggan, Mulberry Dyer, Dr Faye Sayer, Little Theatre, Central Bedfordshire Council Libraries, Dunstable in Bloom, Richard Rees, Primative Technology UK, Prehistoric Experiences/Memma the Cavewoman, Rainbow Productions, Swords of Penda, Hysterical History, Enrichment Through Archaeology, Monica Askay, Puku B Heritage and Education, Paulina Bera, Bricks McGee, Jackie Hall and Jan Summerfield, Madam Geneva & Gent Gin Experiences.

Ongoing Community Engagement Projects

A wooden sculpture trail is to be created as part of the HSHAZ around Dunstable highlighting key historical themes, people, and events. So far, the sculptures created have been: the Swan Jewel, Pomegranate, Lucy Dale and Ziggy Stardust.

Join/follow the Carving a Journey Through Dunstable group on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/169746391702106

Some Recent Community Engagement Activity