Men in Sheds is a project aimed specifically at men aged 50+ and looks to bring men together to put their practical skills to good use and encourage them to be more socially active.

It provides a space to develop a hobby workshop where men can work together on a range of practical activities. This could focus on woodworking, horticulture or metal work, however, new project ideas are always welcome.

Members can put their skills to good use, share their knowledge, learn new skills and generally put the world to rights over a cup of tea. People can come from a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from highly skilled to those with little or no experience, but all work together and there is a role for everyone!

It gives men the chance to:

Make new friends.
Experience the camaraderie of working with other men.
Put practical skills to good use and also share them with others.
Try something new and learn new skills.
Support their local community.

The Dunstable Shed is currently closed and will reopen in due course. Please contact the group below or keep an eye out on their website or Facebook page.

If you would like to join or have a project in mind, then please contact the group Call 07972 299630 Email:

You can check out their website and Facebook pages:

Dunstable Men in Sheds Website

Dunstable Men in Sheds Facebook