As soon as convenient after the burial the Council will sow grass or lay turf over the area of the grave space. This work will usually be carried out in the Spring or Autumn following the burial, allowing time for the grave to settle (which may be up to a year) and be filled with topsoil and seeding to be laid to lawn and maintained by the Council.

Alternatively, if you wish to plant the area of the grave space in which case you must notify us accordingly. An area not exceeding 7ft x 3ft (4ft x 2 ft on children’s sections) on any single grave space may be planted with small shrubs or plants with future growth not exceeding 2ft in height. Conifers are not recommended. All planting and maintenance will be the responsibility of the owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial and at their expense.

If you wish to place any tokens or ornaments on the grave, it is important that you understand these are left at your own risk, and the Council can accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of any such items. The Council reserves the right to remove any token or ornaments which it deems to present a hazard or to be dangerous.

The Council reserves the right to cut down or remove any planting which becomes unsightly or overgrown or if the grave or any adjacent grave needs to be reopened.

If the grave space is left unattended for any time the Council reserves the right to remove planting and grass the grave space.

The Council reserves the right of passage across all graves, this includes the right to erect a soil box over a grave if an adjacent grave has to be opened.