The Cemetery fees and charges set out in parts 1 to 6 show the full rates payable by non-inhabitants of Dunstable and the discounted rates payable by inhabitants of Dunstable at the relevant date, which in the case of an interment is the date of death and in any other case is the date on which the appropriate application is received.

A person is deemed to be an inhabitant if at the relevant date:

  • Their ordinary place of residence was in Dunstable OR
  • They died while resident in a hospital, nursing home, old people’s home or institution of any kind and their last place of residence has been within Dunstable OR
  • They had moved away from Dunstable within the preceding twelve months, having been a resident throughout the previous five years

In the case of a person who is not an inhabitant of Dunstable but the Exclusive Right of Burial has already been granted at the discounted rate applicable to an inhabitant then the discounted rate will continue to apply.

For children’s grave spaces (up to and including 12 years of age) the discounted rate will apply in all cases.

For any burial fees listed below which would be applicable for children under the age of 18 and for stillborn babies after 24 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the interment of cremated remains where the burial or cremation has taken place in England after 23 July 2019, Dunstable Town Council will recover these costs from the Governments Children’s Funeral Fund.

Dunstable is made up of the following Central Bedfordshire Wards: Dunstable Central, Dunstable North, Dunstable South, Dunstable East and Dunstable West.