The Exclusive Right of Burial is a legal document which allows the registered holder the right to bury human remains in an agreed grave space as long as there is sufficient depth to do so. All land within the Cemetery remains in the ownership of Dunstable Town Council which currently issues an Exclusive Right of Burial for a period of 75 years.

An Exclusive Right of Burial is not the purchase of any specific ‘land’. It is merely the right of burial in a specified grave space and the registered holder also has the right to determine who is buried within that grave space and what memorial, if any, is placed on the grave space.

Dunstable Town Council will issue the Exclusive Right of Burial following the first burial in a grave space, once all fees have been paid (generally by the appointed Funeral Director as this will be included in the invoice for their services). The holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial grant will be issued with paperwork relating to their grave.

The Town Council maintains records of all registered holders of the Exclusive Right of Burial and the registered holder is the only person who can arrange to place a memorial on a grave or give permission for a grave to be opened for further interments. It is essential that any changes to the registered holder are notified to Dunstable Town Council, as it may be necessary to transfer the Exclusive Right of Burial to another person or persons, for example on the death of the grant holder.

Please contact Dunstable Cemetery if you require further information on 01582 891428 or 891426.