The track is open everyday from 10 am until dusk subject to bookings.The track is accessible by car through Frenchs Avenue, Dunstable.

We are trying to set up a new BMX club for the community. If you are interested or you know anyone that would be able to help then please contact CPCFC@DUNSTABLE.GOV.UK, thanks.



· Only BMX and mountain bikes to be used on this track

· Bikes must be in a good and safe condition

· Bikes must have working brakes

· No stunt pegs are allowed on bikes


· Appropriate Safety Equipment must be worn at all times whilst using the track. All riders must wear:

· Helmets

· Gloves

· Long trousers/ jeans (If wearing ¾ length shorts knee pads must be worn)

· Long sleeve tops (If wearing short sleeves elbow pads must be worn)

· Rubber soled trainers

· Chest and back protectors, neck braces and kidney belts and goggles are highly recommended


1. BMX riding and racing are high risk activities, this means that accidents are likely to occur without outside interference.

2. Riders must be aware of this and take full responsibility for their own actions.

3. Riders must only ride one way around the track and ride the whole track.
Riders should not cut across the grass areas or stop on the jumps.

4. Riders must not attempt anything that they feel is beyond their ability.

5. The BMX Track is an official Alcohol Exclusion Zone. Those found bringing alcohol onto the park will have it confiscated and asked to leave.

6. Riders must adhere to the track opening and closing times.

7. Anti-Social behaviour will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave.

8. Litter is considered as Anti-Social behaviour and must be place in the bins provided.
The track is strictly one direction only.

Most importantly have fun.