Priory House Tea Rooms are pleased to introduce Dunstable Tea.

Dunstable Tea offers a variety of top quality loose leaf teas created, and named, for the history and heritage of Dunstable.

The range is made up of twenty different teas and infusions.


  • Priory House
  • Cannon’s Choice
  • Swan Jewel
  • Norman King
  • Dame Sayers Peppermint
  • Bonnet Makers Winter Warmer
  • Maiden Bower
  • Kingsbury
  • Cloisters
  • Black Friars
  • Earl Grey
  • Anniversary
  • Anna Maria’s
  • Prince George
  • Grove House
  • Queen Eleanor


  • Prior’s Garden
  • Queen Mary
  • Tudor
  • Saracen’s Head

Dunstable Tea is currently only available in Priory House, either to sample in the Tea Rooms or to purchase in loose leaf and tea bag form from the Priory House Gift Shop.

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