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Dunstable Town Council Secures £40,000 Grant for an Accessible Pathway and New Inclusive Play Equipment


Rachel Connor


February 9, 2024


Dunstable Town Council is thrilled to announce a £40,000 grant from Central Bedfordshire Council’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF) for enhancing some key Dunstable’s recreational spaces.

The primary focus of this funding will be the installation of inclusive play equipment in Grove House Gardens. This equipment is carefully designed to cater to a diverse range of abilities, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for children their families and their friends to play together.

In addition to the inclusive play equipment, a portion of the funding will be allocated to laying a new pathway at Kingsbury Recreation Ground, designed to improve accessibility to the recently installed Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). This pathway will serve as a crucial link, ensuring that individuals of all abilities can more easily enjoy the recreational facilities available at the park.

The £40,000 grant, coupled with £21,000 from Section 106 funding (linked to the Ashton School Development), brings the total investment to £61,000. This combined funding showcases Dunstable Town Council’s commitment to providing quality recreational amenities that are accessible to all, and that contribute to the overall well-being and enjoyment of the local community.

Dunstable Town Mayor Cllr Liz Jones said: ‘’ I am really happy to see projects across Dunstable benefit from the money received through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. The money received by the Town Council will enable the Council to continue its investment in ensuring inclusive play in our community.’’

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