This initiative proposed by Marie Curie Cancer Care is a national day of reflection. It is one year since the first national stay at home order was made. Since then there have been three periods of national restrictions as well as the introduction of levels and tiers in all four home nations. On Tuesday there will be a Minutes Silence at 12 midday and a national doorstep vigil at 8.p.m. It is hoped people will create  a nationwide ‘beacon of remembrance’  on their doorsteps by beaming ‘phones, candles and torches into the night sky.

The Town Mayor Councillor Peter Hollick has made a speech (you can view this on the right of this page, to mark the anniversary of the UK’s First Covid Lockdown. As part of the National Day prominent buildings throughout the Country will be illuminated in yellow. In Dunstable, Priory House will be bathed in yellow light.