On Thursday 2 May the following candidates were elected to stand for Dunstable Town Council:

Central Ward:

  • Councillor Lisa Bird
  • Councillor Greg George
  • Councillor Lee Roberts

Icknield Ward:

  • Councillor Sid Abbott
  • Councillor John Gurney
  • Councillor Kenson Gurney
  • Councillor Gloria Martin

Manshead Ward:

  • Councillor Wendy Bater
  • Councillor Mark Cant
  • Councillor Phillip Crawley

Northfields Ward:

  • Councillor Matthew Brennan
  • Councillor Alan Corkhill
  • Councillor Gladys Sanders
  • Councillor Johnson Tamara

Watling Ward:

  • Councillor Pamela Ghent
  • Councillor Peter Hollick
  • Councillor Liz Jones
  • Councillor Cameron Restall

For more details or to see the results for Central Bedfordshire Council go to: http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/council/elections/landing.aspx