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A Life-Saving Defibrillator for the Community


Rachel Connor


June 22, 2023


A newly installed defibrillator is now ready for community use, thanks to the team effort from Grove Corner and for Central Bedfordshire Council’s generous contribution from the Ward Councillor Grant Scheme.

On Wednesday 21 June, Dunstable Town Mayor Cllr Liz Jones, the team at Grove Corner along with young people from the Youth Centre and members of Dunstable Town Council gathered outside Grove Corner to celebrate the installation of the community defibrillator with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The installation of the defibrillator is a significant milestone for the community as it will help save lives in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. The device is now accessible to the public and its location is strategically placed outside Grove Corner where it can be easily seen and accessed by anyone who may need it.

Town Mayor Cllr Liz Jones said “I’m really pleased to launch this new defibrillator here outside Grove Corner in the Centre of Dunstable. Like us all, I hope it is never called upon to be used, but knowing it’s available gives a sense of some relief not only to myself but to many who have witnessed loved ones pass suddenly when no such equipment be available.”

Gill Peck, Youth and Community Manager of Grove Corner said, ‘’The Youth and Community team are really pleased to be able to have this lifesaving piece of equipment outside the front of our building. The community can now respond promptly to cardiac emergencies, increasing the chances of survival for the affected individual. Thank you to the Central Bedfordshire Council Ward Grant Scheme for contributing to the purchase of this defibrillator.’’

Town Mayor Liz Jones Cutting Ribbon

Town Mayor Cllr Liz Jones Cutting the RibbonTown Mayor Cllr Li Jones with Gill Peck and xxx from Grove Corner

Town Mayor Cllr Liz Jones with Francine and Gill from Grove Corner

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