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Unlock the Secrets of Dunstable’s Past with Talking Plaques


Annette Clynes


May 30, 2023


Have you seen the stickers on the shop windows along the High Street?  Have you wondered what they are?

Let me explain this fantastic idea and how it works.

Created by the Dunstable Cultural Consortium, in collaboration with Dunstable Local History Society and Dunstable Rep, the historical plaque trail takes you on a journey around Dunstable’s Heritage Action Zone.

Uncover the fascinating history of Dunstable through time with these innovative talking plaques, revealing secrets of the town’s past. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and all will be revealed.

Plaques are in shop windows and businesses that are sites of historical significance. The plaques are designed to stick to windows, to prevent causing any damage to historic buildings.

Some of the fascinating stories you could learn about are:

  • A controversial playwright
  • The Priceless Swan Jewel
  • The Stagecoaches that passed through Dunstable
  • A Great Fire
  • Where soldiers assembled at the outbreak of World War One
  • An underground bakery with an unusual feature

This is part of the four-year-long High Street Heritage Action Zone’s Cultural Programme, led by Historic England, in partnership with Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The Cultural Programme aims to make our high streets more attractive, engaging and vibrant places for people to live, work and spend time. Dunstable Cultural Consortium hope to produce more plaques in the future, let them know where you’d like to see one next! @DunstableCulturalConsortium or email

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