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Priory Rocks


Annette Clynes


April 22, 2022


Would you like to build an arch, or understand the construction of a medieval building, learn about the stones the Priory was built from? If so, come to drop-in events, sign up for tours, or attend a seminar on Saturday 30 April.  These events will be held at Priory House and Priory Church, with local experts and invited guests. The day will be split into morning and afternoon activities.

There will also be a gazebo in Priory Gardens and tours of the Priory remains.

In Priory Church…

1.55 pm – Introduction to Dunstable, from the foundation of the Priory to the 16th century – Jean Yates (local Historian and author)

2.25 pm – Work on Priory House – Sarah Tattersall (structural engineer, The Morton Partnership)

2.45 pm – New research into building stone – Dr Jackie Hall (building archaeologist and consultant)

2.55 pm – Romanesque Sculpture at Dunstable Priory – Hazel Gardiner and Ron Baxter (The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland)

3.10 pm – A hybrid order of clerical monks, the Augustinian order in England – Matt Bristow (Historic England)

3.40 pm – The recent investigations: adding to the story of Dunstable Priory – Dr Neil Linford and Sarah Newsome (Historic England)

4.25 pm – Summary of questions with answers and discussion between panellists, chaired by Jackie Hall

In Priory House…

9.30 am to 11.30 am – Jacobean Room Introduction to local building stones. This session requires advanced booking.

10 am to 12 noon – Exhibition Space The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland (drop-in)

In Priory Gardens…

10 am to 4 pm – Assault course The clocks ticking and you’ll need to make it past some obstacles from Dunstable’s past on your way? Weave through the old hat making barrels, across the tyres left from the Vauxhall Bedford plant, crawl in the tunnel to avoid Henry VIII, and add your brick to the wall

10 am to 12 noon – Arch building (drop-in, outdoors but weather permitting)

10 am to 12 noon – Meeting at the gazebo, short tours for families by Historic England, every 20 minutes. Sign up on the day

5.00 to 5.30 pm: Tour with hand-out showing old and new geophysical surveys – Sarah Newsome and Neil Linford on hand to answer questions (for those who attended the discussion)

For more information on the above and bookings, please visit



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