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People need People


Annette Clynes


September 7, 2022


We listen to a lot of talk about the High Street struggling in the news and the papers. Dunstable is no different to any other high street across the country, with ups and downs in its vacancy rates and dips in its footfall figures. As a whole Dunstable has a very positive vacancy count, and with half of the stores being independents having survived Covid and the multiple lock downs. Working from home has also impacted our high streets, some being for the positive by staying local instead of commuting and spending money in other town centres. As much as we all find it easier to order somethings online, we still need those services that only our town centre can provide. Working from home can make family life easier but can also be lonely. If you’ve found yourself working from home more, why not take a break from that screen and come into Dunstable town centre during your lunch break.  Utilise those services that we have in town and meet our independent traders.

What can you do an in Dunstable during your lunch hour?  It’s surprising how many independents you could support during your lunch break, and by supporting them you’re keeping our town centre buzzing.

Popping into town during your lunch break can give you the rest you need from work, a bit of exercise power walking through the town centre and a sense of achievement by picking up those last minute things that even Amazon Prime couldn’t deliver and running those errands like posting that parcel to family abroad or paying in the kids piggy bank savings.  Greetings cards are just one of those things that really you just want to shop in person for.  Celebrations in Middle Row is an example of a great independent shop that has exactly what you need, Miriam will give you advice and help you pick the perfect card. Why not go to Lombardo’s for some quality fruit and vegetables that got missed off your online food shop, and whilst you’re there treat yourself to a takeaway sandwich and coffee for lunch. If you’re a parent like me then my children are always needing me to pick up things last minute, be it a new top for Brownies or school jumper to replace the one they lost yesterday from Best Look or that sheet music needed for their music lesson that they only told you about last night which you can pick up from Octave.  Having these and other stores on your doorstep makes the juggle a little easier.  After all that dashing around and with half an hour to spare why not get a hair cut or even a quick manicure or pedicure, there are lots of wonderful salons to choose from in Dunstable. Alternatively save the rushing about for someone else, why not have a recharge and catch up with family or friends at one of Dunstable’s many cafes and regain some of that work/life balance?

Dunstable has many independent shops and services in its town centre, so next time you’re working from home why not make the most of it and stay local, shop local and support your local high street whilst juggling that work/life balance!

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