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Dunstable High Street


Annette Clynes


April 14, 2021


I’m counting down to when Dunstable town centre can re-open for business properly, but like many of you I wonder what type of town centre will welcome me back on the 12 April.

I know that there will be many familiar faces welcoming me once again into their shops, providing me with a friendly catch up and some specialist advice; and that is why I believe Dunstable town centre, with the help of you, will bounce back.  All the reports and statistics point to large shopping centres and bigger towns and city centres, who had the big names and the anchor stores, as the ones who will be struggling post Covid, it’s sad to see as no one wants to see jobs lost and urban areas declining.

However, unlike bigger neighbouring towns like Luton and Bedford, Dunstable doesn’t have that anchor store that we have been longing for, and many of the multi nationals left town a long time ago – we have weathered that storm.  Yes, there are some well-known high street names still in Dunstable, but they are now in the minority, and instead we have an array of brilliant independents, who need you!  We know with the continued increase in working from home more people will shop local.  Towns which saw its population leave every morning to work and spend money elsewhere now has a new market to tap into – it’s an opportunity and one that Dunstable has.

Supporting our local high street and market from the 12 April will be the bounce back that Dunstable needs after such a long lock down, most have not been able to open since the 19 December 2020.

So when asked what will Dunstable town centre be like post Covid, I’m positive that I can say, full of buzzing independents waiting to serve you whether you’re a returning regular or a new customer.

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