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Community Art In Middle Row


Annette Clynes


September 13, 2023


Over the past few months Dunstable Town Council and Dunstable Culture Consortium have been working with local artists and community groups who have produced some unique artwork for the alleyway of Middle Row. The official opening will take place on Wednesday 20 September when the artists and community groups are invited to join the Deputy Mayor Cllr O’Riordan to celebrate the artwork on display.

The Intergenerational Model Project explores Dunstable’s past, present and future. Dunstable Town Council’s two lunch clubs looked at the history of the area and expressed the memories they had, which can be heard as part of the interactive audio. Press the button to hear some of the quotes captured from those who took part. An artist worked with Icknield Lower School, Beecroft Academy, the Good Companions and the Creasy Park Community Football Centre Lunch Club as part of a visual intergenerational display. The Intergenerational piece captures images of all the groups and combines the images to create unique portraits of those that took part. Dunstable Town Council as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone as also produced colourful pictures of the events that have taken place in the area with a visual picture board.

On the 20 May as part of Middle Row Markets, Dunstable Culture Consortium and The Workhouse organised a Live Art on The Square to celebrate local arts and crafts. The Cultural Consortium commissioned artists to work with the public during the Middle Row Market to create two locally inspired art installations. Anne Kermarecc and Jan Drury worked on “Homage to the Queensway Hall”, which is a homage to the sculpture that once stood above the glass window on the south side of the old Queensway Hall. Victoria Johns contribution to the Live Art “Our Dunstable“ was to begin a piece of artwork with community participation which would highlight the positive aspects of Dunstable. On the day of the event the public were encouraged to create their own embossed metal piece which was added to the artwork. The final piece with large copper squares surrounding a map of the “crossroads” will be displayed in Middle Row, can you spot your name and your piece of embossing?

Come and have a look at these original pieces of art and let us know your memories of the town.

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