In May and June Historic England undertook an archaeological geophysical survey (non-intrusive survey) using a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) along with an earthwork survey (also non-intrusive survey) of Priory Gardens. It was hoped this will build upon the results of the previous geophysical (earth resistance) survey undertaken by the former Manshead Archaeological Society and add to our knowledge and understanding of the Priory’s buried remains.

It is hoped that the results of both surveys will be available later this year. Historic England have advised that the results of the GPR survey provide some more detail in some areas of the site, for example the Lady Chapel. There is also some indication for a possible earlier phase of activity on a different alignment to the south. The earthwork survey has highlighted extra details of the priory layout and also hints at some activity on a different alignment.

Sarah Newsome from Historic England will be attending the Dunstable Festival of Archaeology on 18 September if anyone wants to find out more about the recent work before the results are available later in the year.