The ERWIN website ( ) is available for use free of charge and provides an invaluable resource for regulatory and business advice across England and Wales. The website truly provides a one stop shop for all local authority regulations and is available 24/7.

ERWIN stands for Everything Regulation Whenever It’s Needed and the website covers everything that you need to know in relation to:

Trading Standards

Fire Protection

Environmental Health (including food safety, health and safety, environmental protection, private sector housing)


The ERWIN website (WWW.EVERYTHINGREGULATION.ORG.UK) is available for use and is free of charge. 

The concept behind ‘ERWIN’ is very simple. The website helps businesses comply with regulations by providing simple, consistent and easily understandable information which is tailored to meet the needs of individual businesses.

ERWIN quickly and easily provides information that is:

  • Targeted – with specific information relevant to the business type
  • Simple – setting out clear, practical advice on how to comply with legal requirements
  • Prioritised– informs the business the priority level for each piece of information