Woodside Link Road The Woodside Link is a new high quality road being promoted by Central Bedfordshire Council which will connect the Woodside industrial estate in Dunstable to the Highways Agency planned new A5-M1 Junction 11A (between existing junctions 11 and 12) on the M1 north east of Houghton Regis town centre.

The Woodside Link is a critical piece of new infrastructure, providing a main route through the planned new housing and commercial development area north and east of Houghton Regis. By providing a convenient link between the industrial areas and the trunk road network, the road will not only take heavy goods vehicles away from the centre of Dunstable and houghton Hegis but it will also stimulate further economic investment and will help provide much needed employment and job opportunities for residents throughout the area.

The Woodside Link goes hand in hand with the A5 –M1 link and the Highways Agency programme for de-trunking of the A5 which is a fundamental part of Central Bedfordshire Council’s aspirations to regenerate local economies. The new 3.3km road will be a wide single carriageway, consisting of two 5.0m lanes, 1.0m hard strips and a footway / cycleway. Verges will be a minimum of 2.5m wide. The new road will connect into the Highways Agency’s proposed roundabout which forms part of the Junction 11A scheme.

The links from the northern roundabout of the Woodside Link to the M1 Junction 11A and to Sundon Road will be a dual-carriageway. At the south western end, the new road will connect into the existing road network at Poynters Road / Park Road North / Porz Avenue by a new improved four arm roundabout to replace the existing junction. As a result, direct access to Wheatfield Road will be removed from the roundabout and a new T-junction will be provided 250m to the north east linking Wheatfield Road to the new Woodside Link road.

The total length of the route will be approximately 3.3km, including 0.5km for the link to Sundon Road and Parkside Drive The height of the embankments or depth of cuttings will be kept to a minimum, but as the area will be developed in the future the level of the road relative to final ground level may differ slightly.

The proposed speed limit of the Woodside Link road will generally be 40mph, with the exception of the link to the M1 Junction 11A, which will be 70mph. The proposed short link from Parkside Drive would commence from the end of the existing cul-de-sac, where the footpath/cycle route to Pastures Way starts. This will connect to the Woodside Link by way of a T-junction. Much of the road will need to be illuminated because of the number of junctions and pedestrian crossings. The lighting will use the latest technology to minimize light overspill away from the new road. Crossing points will be provided where the road crosses existing public rights of way or other pedestrian/cycle routes and this will include signal controlled Toucan crossings.
The proposals also include:

  • A short diversion of the Houghton Brook along with measures to make flooding in the area less likely in the future
  • Creation of more usable public open space The project is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project and in accordance with the Planning Act 2008 an application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) has been accepted for examination by the Secretary of State.