The registered holder of the Exclusive Right of Burial Grant is the only person who can give permission for a burial or the placing of a memorial on a grave. If the registered holder is deceased, the Exclusive Right of Burial Grant must be transferred before any burial (other than that of the registered holder) or memorial application can be approved.

There are a number of instances in which an Exclusive Right of Burial Grant will have to be transferred to another person or persons, for example:

  • The death of the grant holder
  • Wanting to place a memorial or to add an additional inscription, if the grant holder is deceased.

The registered holder may also elect to transfer the ownership to another person or persons.

Any Exclusive Right of Burial which is transferred will be transferred for the remainder of the grant period.

The method of transfer and associate paperwork will be dependent on the reason for transfer and the administration of the deceased’s estate which may include Probate or Letters of Administration.

In order to transfer the Exclusive Right of Burial, different paperwork is required depending on the specific circumstances.

A flow chart of the process is available here and the Cemetery team will be happy to assist you with the transfer process.